Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school?

Happy back to school if you're among the students out there!  It feels pretty strange, not going back.  Good, having graduated a few months ago, but strange.  What better way to acknowledge students' first day back than with a little tutorial!

French Knots

Thread a needle with your chosen thread.  I used cotton embroidery floss.  You can tie a knot near the end of the thread if you need to, otherwise just leave a tail on the wrong side of your work.
Begin by pulling needle and thread through the cloth from underside to topside.  Wrap the thread around the needle twice.  

Gently hold the thread slightly taut and pull the needle and thread back through the fabric near the point it was brought up before. 
Once the thread is pulled back through, you have a finished knot. 

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