Friday, October 1, 2010

New stuff

The new stuff I've been working on is here --

Butterfly Brooches!

These are an extension of my framed butterflies series (which I will also be adding to), and I plan to add to the selection from time to time, but I wanted to introduce the first few all at once.

They are available now through my Eyespot Designs on Etsy shop.

Psyche, n. - mind, soul, butterfly.

Butterflies - fragile and short lived, compelled to fly tremendous distances, they undergo repeated transformations throughout their lives. They are reborn through metamorphosis, emerging from the chrysalis a transformed creature, a thing of wonder.

My butterflies are made with threads of silk and free-motion machine embroidery. It takes more than seven steps to make each one.

Much love, time and intensive research goes into making each and every one of my individually handmade butterflies. Each is based on a real butterfly, in colours, markings and size.

What do you think?

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