Friday, November 12, 2010

Royal Winter Fair

After watching the Remembrance Day ceremonies from Ottawa on TV yesterday morning, I went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for the afternoon. As the name suggests it's much to do with farm animals, and fresh fruit and veg. There are horse shows, a petting zoo, various livestock, food competitions, and products from various Ontario and Canadian farms (honey, cheese, eggs, meats, beer/wine, mustard, cranberries, flour, fish, herbal teas, pickled things, jam, to name a few), as well as natural beauty products, clothing, and some other stuff that to my mind doesn't really relate.

I sampled some cheeses, coveted some lovely alpaca yarns, even got some free PEI potatoes (!).

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  1. Those animals are so cute, thanks for sharing these photos. Happy weekend to you! : )