Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Choosing Art

In response to certain observations I have made when showing work and talking to people about my work, I'm going to make a couple of suggestion posts this week about choosing artwork, and choosing jewellery. 

I've noticed that some people when looking at artwork, beit paintings, prints, photography, etc. are looking for work that compliments their decor, or blends in with it.  They consider this above anything, and then narrow down their choices based on what they like, what will fit in terms of size, and if the art holds a deeper meaning for them. 

For me, although understandable, this seems a little backward.  Absolutely, if you're going to display a piece in your home you have to like it, but there is so much more to liking something than just colour.  So what makes you like something?  Think about factors like the medium, technique, brushwork, size, frame, subject matter, location you plan to put it, and don't forget about what the piece means to you.  One of the elements of art is conceptual.  What is the story the piece is telling?  What statement is it making?  Why do you feel like you connect with that piece, with that artist? 


  1. I agree with you - the last thing I want is a piece of artwork that just blends in. I don't buy anything for my home unless I love it!

  2. Right! I tend to have fairly bold tastes and encourage other people to try choosing pieces that aren't chosen to match, but chosen because the person likes them even if they don't 'match'.