Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Choosing Jewellery

It's your colour.  You love that stone.  So how do you know that it's going to suit you, or if it's going to match your outfit?

Ultimately, wear something you feel comfortable in.  If you feel awkward, you'll probably look it too.

Heart Shaped Face - A narrow chin wants a necklace that gives width to the jaw, with chunky beads. Earrings that hang to chin level also give width. 
Round Face - Create a slimming look with longer strands, or a focal point/pendant to draw the eye downward.  Angular beads minimize roundness.
Square Face - Give a square or rectangular face curves with focals that bring the eye downward, but on shorter strands.  Use rounds and other organic soft shapes.
Oval Face - Such faces have the flexibility to experiment with various shapes. 

So what about your outfit?

V-necks - Accentuate the drop with bold pendants and dangles.
Round neck - Keep it simple.  A traditional, soft round shaped necklace that is short so it does not compete with the neckline is best. 
Strapless - A bold choker, or a lighter long strand will work best. 
High collar, turtleneck - Choose a long necklace which contrasts against the shirt colour.

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