Monday, May 27, 2013

Leaf Prints

So many plants have great shapes and textures.  Yesterday I was feeling a little badly about neglecting my artwork in favour of the outdoors, so I decided to bring the art outside.  I set up a little space on the patio table, newspapers as a table cover, a small sketchbook, old paintbrush, bottle of black India ink, brayer for pressing/rolling, and a small selection of leaves from the garden.  Especially in the breeze, the ink dries quickly, so only ink one piece at a time, but the idea is simple - brush the ink onto the leaf, top and/or bottom side, place on a blank page, cover with the next page or a scrap piece of paper, roll the brayer over top (this helps get a better print, though you can just rub with your hand or put some weight on the page), then gently open the page and remove the leaf to see the print.  If the first print had lots of ink, you can sometimes get a faint second print.  Here are two of the best ones from yesterday:

The first is celandine (a wild plant), the second is top and underside of lovage (an herb).

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